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About Me But is she a good Realtor?? In their own Words I absolutely love being a realtor, but more importantly, my clients love me too! This video is a compilation of reviews I recently received from my clients. Not only will you see the high score marks they gave me, but I will read some of their testimonies to you as well. […]
About Me Find a Realtor Who Cares A client I earned from a referral spent 4 mos working with a realtor that wasn’t understanding their needs. We met and within four days made and got an accepted offer on a home for them. If your realtor isn’t listening to you and showing you homes that don’t meet your needs, it’s okay to […]
About Me Online First Impressions-Must be Green! There are tons of new houses coming onto the market right now, which is so exciting and makes it a great time to buy a new house. Yea! However, I have a small pet peeve that I just have to share with you. I promise to take better care of your listing than these examples […]
About Me Building my Real Estate Business by Referral I would love to help you sell your house and buy your next home, but I also want to serve your family and friends with their real estate needs. I am building my real estate business by referrals and would love your introduction to someone who is looking to sell a house. I promise I […]
About Me What does SRES Mean? The National Association of Realtors designates qualified realtors as Seniors Real Estate Specialist.  I earned this designation in 2017 and this video explains a more about what SRES is and alternate living options for homeowners over 50 years old. Watch this video to learn more!
About Me Why Should You Choose Lisa McCoy? Many people ask me why I gave a marketing career for a career in real estate.  The answer is simple: family and community.  If you are looking for a realtor who is experienced, hard-working, trustworthy and charitable-minded, choose Lisa McCoy.  Watch this video to learn more!
About Me Out of Time! I could talk about real estate all day, but I promise to come prepared to our scheduled meeting and not waste your time. And if we are having so much fun talking about your new home and you get a parking ticket, I even promise to pay your ticket for you! 
About Me Giving Back to the Community! One of my volunteer roles is as a marketing committee member for the Indianapolis Zoo’s Zoobilation black-tie event.  The Zoo receives no public-support from tax dollars, so private fundraising is essential to the success of our beloved zoo and its missions.  Zoobilation is the Zoo’s largest fundraising event and we raised more than $2.4-million in […]
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