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Client Success Stories Home Buying Push-Ups Pay Off This story is about a newlywed couple who trusted me to help them buy their first home. I was so excited to work with this couple.  They are a young and vibrant couple that married just a few months before we started their home search. The wife, like me before I became a Realtor, is […]
Client Success Stories Patience is in Demand when Budget is Limited Life is very cyclical and so is home-buying.  A person’s first house will tend to be a smaller home with two or three bedrooms and a smaller yard. As a person’s life changes, like getting married or having children, their home needs change too. As the family grows, so too does the home. And yet […]
Client Success Stories Carmel Cottage with Curb Appeal There were so many reasons why I was so excited to sell this adorable cottage in Carmel, Indiana. I mean, look at how cute it is! Talk about ‘curb appeal.’ And wait ’til you see the backyard. The owner was a master gardener and she and her husband devoted many, many hours to creating a […]
Client Success Stories Home Warranty Success A client of mine recently had a mechanical failure and, after the first diagnosis, they thought it would not be covered by their home warranty.  After I found out about it, I got my HSA client rep involved and got my client a second opinion. It turned out to be a wonderful home warranty success […]
Client Success Stories Happy as a Lark in a New Home! Fly Fast! On December 14 I got introduced to a new client who was moving from Seattle to Central Indiana for a new job.  He was bringing with him his wife and a young son and they wanted to close on the new house before he started his new job on January 14. Ummm…okay! After […]
Client Success Stories Patience and Persistence Pays Off! I’m gonna try to keep this story short.  Lord knows the process was anything but short, but that’s how it goes in real estate sometimes. A friend of mine called me in the fall of 2017 about helping him sell a rental property and, of course, I jumped at the chance.  On the surface the […]
Client Success Stories A Wooded Getaway Dream House Search This story started with a dream to find a house on a wooded piece of land that had a barn and water to fish or kayak. This is Indiana. We have lots of barns around here and plenty of creeks, streams and ponds in the area. This search should be easy enough. This […]
Client Success Stories Are you even listening… Two Ears for a Reason This is a story about a family who was working with a realtor that didn’t seem to understand what kind of house they were looking to buy.  They were lamenting about their frustrating house hunting experience to a friend of mine who referred them to me. I met them on […]
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Client Success Stories Superior Craftsmanship Pays Off Above Average Home This house was built in 2003 by Centex Homes, but it was way  more than your average Centex home.  The original owner was a builder by trade and he opted for every building upgrade that Centex offered, including a wrap around porch, high ceilings, bonus rooms, and a side-load garage. Then along […]
Client Success Stories Maintenance and Mechanicals…Check! Regular Maintenance Pays Off I had a client that was a rule follower. He followed the rules on home maintenance to a T.  He changed his HVAC filters regularly and had annual equipment inspections.  He replaced mechanical items near the end of their life span and before they failed. And the same was true for […]
Client Success Stories To Renovate or Not? Love Blooms Here This is a love story about a house, a family and a realtor. It’s a sad story with a happy ending. I was contacted by an estate and elder law attorney to assist with the sale of a home in Carmel.  You’ve heard the phrase: the house has good bones, and this […]
About Me But is she a good Realtor?? In their own Words I absolutely love being a realtor, but more importantly, my clients love me too! This video is a compilation of reviews I recently received from my clients. Not only will you see the high score marks they gave me, but I will read some of their testimonies to you as well. […]
Client Success Stories Dreams Come True I am so grateful to help this couple sell their Carmel Indiana home and find the property of their dreams!  They moved to a beautiful, country home on a wooded lot with a rustic barn and a creek in Whitestown.  What a fantastic place to raise their daughter.  I’m so happy for them!  #McCoyMovesYou
About Me Out of Time! I could talk about real estate all day, but I promise to come prepared to our scheduled meeting and not waste your time. And if we are having so much fun talking about your new home and you get a parking ticket, I even promise to pay your ticket for you!