First Time Home Buying

content geared for people buying a home for the first time

First Time Home Buying Financing for First Time Home Buyers My friend Jeff Love and I put this video together to help first time homeowners better understand the financing process and answer some common questions.  Watch this video to learn more about the financing process, how long it takes, how debt and bad credit influence your home loan and how much you need for a […]
First Time Home Buying Home Price Discounts are Greater in December December Discounts Research shows that seven of the 10 best days to buy a new home are in December, because the discounts are greater. My friends at Milestone Home Lending can get your loan approved and closed in about 16 days, so it’s not too late to buy a new home this year! Call me […]
First Time Home Buying Home Buying Process & Expectations Home Buying Process I had a meeting with a first time home buyer and it dawned on me how overwhelming the home buying process can be when you don’t buy or sell houses every day!  My client was overwhelmed as I discussed the process, but relieved to see how well-organized I was and how easy […]
First Time Home Buying Love is in the Air! I’ve seen buyers submit love letters to sellers with their offer, but I haven’t seen this before!  A friend of mine in Ohio recently sold her house and was equally surprised when she received a bouquet of flowers from the family buying her house. Obviously, my friend and her family have taken fantastic care of […]
First Time Home Buying Learn more about Title Insurance Title insurance is highly recommended when you are buying or selling a house.  It protects the homeowner and his/her rights to the property.  First American Title has produced a series of videos that explain more about title insurance and other home buying issues.  And best of all, they are produced in six languages, including Chinese, […]
First Time Home Buying How Accurate is Zillow’s Zestimate Many people I talk with about real estate bring up Zillow’s Zestimate and I put together this video to help people better understand how accurate Zestimate is in Indiana.  Zillow collects their data from public records and user-input to assign their Zestimate for your home.  Take a look at this video to learn more about […]
First Time Home Buying Homeowners Policy Endorsements to Consider A typical homeowners insurance policy will help you recover your loss after a catastrophic event, but there are several endorsements you should consider adding to your homeowner’s insurance policy.  My associate,  Brian Sackowski-a personal risk manager at Gibson, talks about five things you should consider adding to your homeowner’s policy.  Watch this video to learn more […]
First Time Home Buying Five Things you need to know about Home Financing There are many ways to finance a home and it can be confusing sometimes. Watch this video with Milestone Home Lending Senior Loan Officer, Jeff D. Love, who explains five things about home financing that every home buyer should know. For a free home buyer or home seller consultation, contact me directly!
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About Me Find a Realtor Who Cares A client I earned from a referral spent 4 mos working with a realtor that wasn’t understanding their needs. We met and within four days made and got an accepted offer on a home for them. If your realtor isn’t listening to you and showing you homes that don’t meet your needs, it’s okay to […]
First Time Home Buying Leverage Your Tax Refund to Buy a House! It’s tax time and it’s also a great time to use your tax refund towards the purchase of your new home.  For the 2016 tax year, the IRS reports that 70% of all people who filed tax returns received an average refund of more than $2800. Watch this video to learn five ways how you can […]
First Time Home Buying Home Warranty Benefits for a Buyer If you have ever wondered if a home warranty was right for you, watch this video to learn more about the benefits and when you should buy one, as discussed by AnnMarie Alligood of HSA Home Warranty.
First Time Home Buying Five Things to Consider as a First Time Homebuyer Buying a home for the first time is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming.  Take these five things into consideration when you begin your path to home ownership.  Enjoy this quick video and remember you are eligible for a free consultation!  Call me directly.
First Time Home Buying Open House Expectations If you are on the hunt for a new home, chances are that you are attending some open houses.  Here’s a quick video of what you can expect at an open house.  Enjoy!
First Time Home Buying Discover Your New Home the Easy Way! Christopher Columbus had many trials and tribulations as he discovered the New World.  Finding your new home doesn’t have to be hard.  I’m here to help.  Discover your next home the easy way!
First Time Home Buying A Home Warranty Can Save You Thousands! Home Warranties are available for new and aged homes.  In fact, my husband and I just bought one for our house.  Check out the benefits here. A Home Warranty Could Save You Thousands in (Unexpected) Repair Costs
First Time Home Buying Home Prices on the Rise! Median home prices in the 2nd quarter ECLIPSED a record high set in 2016. Home prices keep rising. NOW is the time to sell while prices are high. The SUN may be hidden today, but it is SHINING on sellers!  
First Time Home Buying Do I need Flood Insurance? With Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria on everyone minds, it’s interesting to know that more than 20% of all flood insurance claims come from outside of the high-risk flood zone, according to FEMA. To find out more about typical floods in Indiana, follow this link.   To donate to the Red Cross for disaster […]