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Home Buying Home Buying and Selling…Like an Indy Car Race It’s Race Week in Indy and as I was looking forward to all of the fun this weekend, I realized that home buying and selling is a lot like an Indy Car race.  There are a lot of laps and several pits stops that have to be made before you can cross the finish line […]
Client Success Stories Patience is in Demand when Budget is Limited Life is very cyclical and so is home-buying.  A person’s first house will tend to be a smaller home with two or three bedrooms and a smaller yard. As a person’s life changes, like getting married or having children, their home needs change too. As the family grows, so too does the home. And yet […]
House Selling A Cure for Cabin Fever! Don’t get cabin fever this year!  Put these cold winter days to good use and get a head start on your home improvement list.  Here are a few ideas that you can knock off your list over the winter. To Do List: Upgrade your thermostat Add insulation to your attic Freshen up your interior paint […]
Downsizing How to Declutter the Sentimental Stuff So Much Stuff I work with so many clients that are downsizing and are overwhelmed with their sentimental clutter.  Their children don’t want their relics and the homeowner doesn’t want to give it away or even trash it. The clutter causes so much stress for the homeowner as they wonder how to dispose of their […]
Downsizing Housecleaning Hacks Make Cleaning Easy When you are ready to sell your house, it’s imperative that it is clean. And, I mean spotless!  The first sign of a not-so-well-cared-for home is the dirt inside it.  Now is a great time to hire a whole house cleaning from a professional cleaning service.  If you can’t afford a professional […]
Home Buying The M-word…What you need to know. Stop Mold in its Tracks If you want to see people scram from a house, just say mold.  The M-word. Mold has really gotten a bad rap over recent years.  It can be dangerous, but not always.  It’s a natural living organism and we are surrounded by it at work, at home and at school.  […]
First Time Home Buying Learn more about Title Insurance Title insurance is highly recommended when you are buying or selling a house.  It protects the homeowner and his/her rights to the property.  First American Title has produced a series of videos that explain more about title insurance and other home buying issues.  And best of all, they are produced in six languages, including Chinese, […]
Downsizing Five Things to Know about Legal Documents for your Aging Loved Ones If you are caring for a loved one, there are five documents you should put in place now. This video is presented by Jenny Rozelle from Hunter Estate & Elder Law located in Fishers, Greenwood and Rockville, Indiana. Caring for a loved one of any age can be challenging, so it’s best to get these […]
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First Time Home Buying How Accurate is Zillow’s Zestimate Many people I talk with about real estate bring up Zillow’s Zestimate and I put together this video to help people better understand how accurate Zestimate is in Indiana.  Zillow collects their data from public records and user-input to assign their Zestimate for your home.  Take a look at this video to learn more about […]
First Time Home Buying Homeowners Policy Endorsements to Consider A typical homeowners insurance policy will help you recover your loss after a catastrophic event, but there are several endorsements you should consider adding to your homeowner’s insurance policy.  My associate,  Brian Sackowski-a personal risk manager at Gibson, talks about five things you should consider adding to your homeowner’s policy.  Watch this video to learn more […]
About Me Find a Realtor Who Cares A client I earned from a referral spent 4 mos working with a realtor that wasn’t understanding their needs. We met and within four days made and got an accepted offer on a home for them. If your realtor isn’t listening to you and showing you homes that don’t meet your needs, it’s okay to […]
About Me Online First Impressions-Must be Green! There are tons of new houses coming onto the market right now, which is so exciting and makes it a great time to buy a new house. Yea! However, I have a small pet peeve that I just have to share with you. I promise to take better care of your listing than these examples […]
Downsizing For Sale by Owner or Not?? Thinking about selling your house this year? For Sale By Owner is not all it’s cracked up to be! A recent study indicates that home sellers leave money on the table when they sell their house by owner. Watch this video to learn more about for-sale-by-owner selling myths and hassles. Call me directly for a […]
Downsizing Home Warranty Benefits for a Seller Ever wonder how a home warranty benefits you while your house is for sale?  Take a look at this video to learn more!  AnnMarie Alligood shares some of the benefits of the HSA home warranty for sellers.
Home Buying Five Things you should know about Home Inspections in Indiana Home inspections are not required in Indiana, but I highly recommend them for the buyer and the seller.  It a good idea to evaluate the mechanical, structural, health, and safety of your future home. Watch this video to learn more about home inspections in Indiana.
About Me What does SRES Mean? The National Association of Realtors designates qualified realtors as Seniors Real Estate Specialist.  I earned this designation in 2017 and this video explains a more about what SRES is and alternate living options for homeowners over 50 years old. Watch this video to learn more!
First Time Home Buying Open House Expectations If you are on the hunt for a new home, chances are that you are attending some open houses.  Here’s a quick video of what you can expect at an open house.  Enjoy!
Downsizing What should you do before you list your house for sale? Selling your house is a team effort and here is a short list of things you can do to prepare for selling your house.  A small investment and a little elbow grease will go a long way to attract buyers and possibly get you more profit for your house.  Take a look at this video […]
Downsizing It’s not too late sell your house! The weather has cooled down and it definitely feels like fall or some may even say winter (me!).  Don’t let the cold weather trick you into thinking it’s not a good time to sell your house.  Now is a good time to sell!  Lots of houses sell over the winter.  In fact, there are more than […]
House Selling House & Home’s 10 best Wall Colors for 2017 I watched a little too much HGTV over the last week due to the strep throat that took over our house and, I gotta tell ya, I’m over GREY paint!  Grey walls and white trim are all the rage on TV and, frankly, I think it’s a little boring.  As a real estate agent I […]