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Uncategorized Warm Thoughts on Cold Days-Coloring Page I don’t know about you, but my kids have been home for two days with all activities cancelled due to the cold weather.  They are climbing the walls!  Open a box of crayons and let them color up some warm thoughts of sunny days ahead! Print the .pdf and take their minds off of their […]
Uncategorized Bathroom No-Nos I found this article very interesting!  I think I am guilty of every one of these no-nos, except for the fingernail polish.  I actually store that in the kitchen, because I’m usually doing my nails at the kitchen table.  I would never think to store these every day items outside of the bathroom.  Would you?? […]
Uncategorized Garage Door Safety Check It’s not talked about much, but it is a good idea to check the safety features of your garage door periodically.  Now that summer is in full swing, there is probably a lot more traffic in and out of your garage.  My door goes up and down about 100 times a day for bikes, skateboards, […]
Uncategorized Colorful Kitchen or Not? Paint the Cabinets? I’ve been working with one of my clients to prepare his home for sale and it is exhausting.  So many things to spruce up!  He invested in a lot of paint, but one thing we did not paint is the kitchen.  We decided to leave it very neutral and I’m glad we did. […]
Uncategorized Your Island or Mine? I love a working-island in a kitchen.  Check out this portfolio of kitchen islands that Houzz put together.  I picked my favorites, what’s yours? https://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/108967444?utm_source=Houzz&utm_campaign=u8103&utm_medium=email&utm_content=gallery3&newsletterId=8103
Community Highlights Live Fresh with Farmers Markets One thing that makes a great community, in my opinion, is hosting a farmers market. Check out this list of community farmers markets in award-winning Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville or Broad Ripple. Fresh food makes for fresh living. And, if you are considering moving to one of these fantastic communities, I’d be happy to help!
First Time Home Buying Learn more about Title Insurance Title insurance is highly recommended when you are buying or selling a house.  It protects the homeowner and his/her rights to the property.  First American Title has produced a series of videos that explain more about title insurance and other home buying issues.  And best of all, they are produced in six languages, including Chinese, […]
First Time Home Buying Homeowners Policy Endorsements to Consider A typical homeowners insurance policy will help you recover your loss after a catastrophic event, but there are several endorsements you should consider adding to your homeowner’s insurance policy.  My associate,  Brian Sackowski-a personal risk manager at Gibson, talks about five things you should consider adding to your homeowner’s policy.  Watch this video to learn more […]
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First Time Home Buying Five Things you need to know about Home Financing There are many ways to finance a home and it can be confusing sometimes. Watch this video with Milestone Home Lending Senior Loan Officer, Jeff D. Love, who explains five things about home financing that every home buyer should know. For a free home buyer or home seller consultation, contact me directly!
Uncategorized Happy Veterans Day! It is because of brave that we are the land of the free.  No amount of money could repay our veterans for their service to our country, BUT a veteran may be entitled to discounts or other benefits when they purchase a home.  If you are a veteran and looking to buy a new home, […]
Uncategorized Selling Your House Doesn’t Have to be Scary! Selling a house is a big project, from the decluttering and staging to the pricing and marketing to the inspection and closing, there are a lot of details.  Don’t let that scare you from listing your house!  As your real estate partner, I can help manage all of those tasks. Your home-selling worries will RIP!
Uncategorized What to Disinfect in Your Home after an Illness I’ve been busy playing Nurse Nancy, first to myself and then to our son, after we had Strep Throat go through the house last week.  I’ve been on a cleaning rampage since day one trying to keep the rest of the house from getting sick too.  Here are WebMD’s top seven household items to disinfect when […]
Uncategorized Go Camping and Fall in Love! We had a great time camping in Brown County this weekend, but after two nights in a tent, I sure did appreciate our home a little more!  Go Camping and fall in love with your home again! http://www.century21scheetz.com/lmccoy  
First Time Home Buying Discover Your New Home the Easy Way! Christopher Columbus had many trials and tribulations as he discovered the New World.  Finding your new home doesn’t have to be hard.  I’m here to help.  Discover your next home the easy way!   http://www.century21scheetz.com/lmccoy
Uncategorized It’s Pumpkin Patch Time! Check out these great Pumpkin Patches around the metro-Indy area!
Uncategorized Plant Now for Spring Explosion! I’m sharing this article from my friends at the Indianapolis Zoo…now is the time to plant fall bulbs that will usher in the spring.  Here’s a list of Indiana-friendly bulbs.
Uncategorized Earthquake Preparedness The recent earthquakes in Mexico and the small 3.8 ‘quake felt in the southwestern area of Indiana yesterday, should have every homeowner thinking about emergency preparedness. The U.S. Geological Survey believes there is a 25% – 40% chance of a magnitude 6.0+ earthquake in the next 50 years for the central United States, including Indiana’s […]
Uncategorized Fall Allergies Upon Us It’s about time for fall allergies. Prepare your home now to ward off the sniffles, sneezes and itchy eyes! http://rismedia.com/2017/08/21/achieving-near-perfect-indoor-environment-your-home/#close
Uncategorized Warning: Equifax Data Breach! You may be one of 143-million consumers who’s a victim of the Equifax data security breach that was just recently announced. Learn how to protect your financial identity below. It’s also worth noting that there has been some confusion circulating that when you use Equifax’s tool to see if you were hacked that you automatically […]