February 20, 2024

Living in Northern Indianapolis, Indiana

Living in Indianapolis, Indiana

Your Ideal Destination for a Perfect Home

Did you know that finding the right home can be the beginning of everything wonderful in your life? In the heart of America, there’s a bustling city with a heartwarming secret – the undeniable charm of Northern Indianapolis. 

Imagine living in a place where you can have it all – a thriving job market, top-notch schools, and a lively arts scene. 

Indianapolis offers historic neighborhoods, economic opportunities, and an ideal lifestyle ranging from bustling entertainment districts to quiet suburban communities. The Northern side of this area is not just to reside but to live truly, offering a canvas for your life’s most colorful chapters.


Indianapolis Lifestyle and Entertainment

Northern Indianapolis is a cultural hotspot, with more than 20 galleries and theaters offering constant creativity and entertainment. 

Head just five minutes north of Broad Ripple Village to discover Marott Park’s soccer fields, tennis courts, popular aquatic center, or meander trails threading through Holliday and Southwestway Park’s 140 combined acres.

And when it comes to arts and entertainment, the city has something for everyone. From concerts and theater productions to art galleries and museums, there’s always something happening.


Schools in Northern Indianapolis for Bright Futures

When it comes to education, Indianapolis doesn’t disappoint. The neighborhoods have some of the highest-ranked public and private learning institutions statewide. The northern sector is home to over 50 schools, serving a diverse student body of approximately 30,000.

Two of the top elementary schools are Sidener Academy for High-Ability Students and Sycamore School. College preparatory middle and high schools, including Herron High School, abound, with a graduation rate of over 95% and an average ACT score of 25.

Flourishing Economy and Career Potential In Indianapolis

Now, let’s talk about real estate. Are you looking for condos for sale in Indianapolis? Or maybe a duplex for sale in Indianapolis? No matter what your preference, you’ll find a wide range of properties to choose from. 

In fact, the average home value in northern Indianapolis has seen a commendable growth of 5% over the past year.

The economy of this city is a diverse mix of manufacturing, healthcare, and retail trade. Indianapolis community’s average income is $54,000. So, whether you’re starting your career or looking for new opportunities, you’ll find plenty of options here.


A Population Rich in Diversity and Drive

There’s more to Northern Indianapolis than work. It’s a city that believes in enjoying life. Home to over 877,023 diverse residents, this place comprises vibrant neighborhoods like Broad Ripple Village, Meridian-Kessler, and Keystone at the Crossing.

From family-friendly sidewalks to bustling business spots, every dream has its place. And the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis – right here – are humming with life and opportunities.


Your Home is More Than a House

The neighborhoods of Northern Indianapolis are ready and waiting to start a new tale – with you as the main character. Life here is more than you can imagine. So, are you ready to make the move? Schedule a consultation with our expert team today or. begin your search here: 

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