Sellers C21 Office Paperwork Explained




When it’s time to sell your house, there is a lot of paperwork to complete.  The good new is, all of that paperwork serves to protect you throughout the process. Below I will outline the core documents used by Century 21 Scheetz that all selling clients are required to read, complete and sign.


Consumer Information Book

I will send you the Consumer Information Book via email and inside you will find all kinds of great information about home buying and selling. I like to call this book Home Buying & Selling 101. If it’s been a while since you bought or sold a home, it’s worth a quick read!  I’ll let you know when I send it your way and you can check your email, but remember you can reach out to me at any time with any questions!

Office Policy

The Office Policy document reviews our agency relationship between you, the seller, and me, the Realtor. It also reviews Limited Agency, which could arise if the buyer for your house does not already have a Realtor and wants me to also represent him during the purchase of your house. Because my loyalty will be already pledged to you as the seller, my agency relationship with the buyer would be limited in nature. As long as all participating parties agree, we can move forward with me representing both the seller and the buyer. This document also reminds you that recordings at your property during showings may violate federal laws. Century 21 Scheetz maintains an online portal with electronic copies of all of your transaction paperwork for up to seven years and we charge a one-time $249 fee that will be paid at closing. 

Affiliated Business Disclosure

By Federal Law we are required to disclose to you any businesses that you may use throughout your home buying or selling process that are affiliated with Century 21 Scheetz. At the time of publication, Milestone Home Lending and Dominion Title Services are sister companies that provide services for some of our clients. By no means are our clients required to use either of our affiliated companies.

I do like working with our sister companies, because I know and trust these professionals and I know they will provide you excellent service. I also have a few other professionals that I also trust and recommend. You can find contact information for all of them under the Useful Websites & Links tab on my website.

Lead-Based Paint Pamphlet & Disclosure

If your house was built before 1978, C21 requires I send you a pamphlet about the dangers of lead-based paint. As a seller, you are required to disclose and knowledge you have about lead-based paint that may have been used in your house prior to or while you owned the house.

Homeowners Association Disclosure

This document is to clarify any fees the HOA requires for this property today and what may be in discussion right now for special assessments. A complete copy of your HOA by-laws and covenants, conditions and restrictions will be required when we sell your house. It’s a good idea to procure a digital copy of those now.

Residential Real Estate Sales Disclosure

This form looks overwhelming at first, but it’s the best place for you to disclose the current condition of your house. If you are aware of any mechanicals or appliances that are not in good working order, we need to note it on this form. Or if there are any other health and safety hazards or encroachments of the property, we need to disclose it here. The more you can disclose at the time of the listing, will benefit you when it comes time for the buyer’s inspection.

Utility Information Form

This form is to provide the buyer with relevant information about your monthly utility costs and service providers. Some buyers may want to factor in the utility costs while they are calculating their future monthly mortgage payment. For sure, all buyers want to know when trash day is!



So as we start this home selling journey, we’ll have a few documents to sign, but it is the first step to having a transparent and miscommunication-free relationship. When you work with me, you are working with a professional Realtor! We will take one step at a time with no shortcuts. It may be emotional, but our path will be smooth.  The process will be clear and straightforward.

I am so excited to work with you!  Thank you for entrusting your home selling experience to me!




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