Sellers Office Exclusive and Temporary Off Market Explained


The Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors (MIBOR) is the governing body that oversees all Realtors in central Indiana. MIBOR empowers its members and strengthens the real estate buying and selling marketplace through collaboration, advocacy, professionalism, education and innovation. In doing so, MIBOR established a Clear Cooperation policy to promote fair housing by ensuring consumers have equal access to all available properties for a transparent selling process. This policy prevents Realtors from having ‘pocket listings’ that they only share with a few select consumers. The policy forces Realtors to disseminate the listing in the Brokers Listing Cooperation (BLC) database, so that it is searchable by all Realtors and shopping consumers, thus creating more awareness and interest in the property.


On occasion, there are times when we don’t want to publish the listing to the BLC, but we do want to start marketing it. For instance, if the seller is waiting on tenants to move out of the property or there are some home renovation projects that need to be completed before photos can be taken and showings begin. We can work through one of those situations by adding either an Office Exclusive Listing Disclosure or Temporary Off Market Status to your listing contract.


Office Exclusive Listing Disclosure

The Office Exclusive Listing Disclosure allows us to begin marketing your listing to all Realtors within our office, but we cannot market the property publicly or allow showings for any broker outside of our office.  During this time, the listing is exclusive for our Century 21 Scheetz office only. It will not be searchable in the BLC database. It will not be marketed publicly with direct mail, email or internet ads. There will not be a sign in the yard. The only showings will be for Century 21 Scheetz agents.


Temporary Off Market Status

The Temporary Off Market status allows me to publicly market your listing, but no showings are allowed. The listing is searchable in the BLC with a Temporary Off Market (TOM) status. The listing can be marketed publicly with direct mail, email or internet ads. A sign can be in the yard. No showings will be allowed for any Realtor, regardless of their brokerage affiliation.



Depending on your timeline and selling situation, I may recommend one or both of these additions to your listing contract. In any case, these additions give you a jump start to the selling process by drawing attention and creating interest in your listing, which can help you reach your selling goals faster!




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