Buyers Closing Day Info

It’s almost Closing Day!!

No matter if it’s your first home or your fifteenth, it’s so exciting!  Closing Day is the day you sign all of your paperwork and take ownership of your new home.

Typically the Closing occurs at the title company office in a small conference room. The Seller and his Realtor will be there, I will be there and we will have a Closing agent from the title company. Some times your lender may attend too.

The Closing agent sits at the end of the conference table with the Selling party on one side and the Buyer party on the other side. The Closing agent will check everyone’s photo identifications, review the settlement statement for the Seller and the Buyer,  explain the documents and collect signatures.

Once he is through the giant stack of papers (literally, it’s about 1.5″ thick), he will go to the back of the office to make copies and verify the wire transfer. This is a good time to ask the Seller any questions you have about the property, mechanical equipment or neighborhood. The Seller will give you the house keys and garage door openers at this time.

When the Closing agent returns, he will pass out copies of the pertinent documents to each party and congratulate you.  The whole process takes about 45-60 minutes total.


A couple of reminders…

Make sure you follow the title companies instructions for wiring your closing funds and in accordance with your bank’s standards. Any funds between $500-$9,999 can be delivered via certified check. Anything $10,000 or over must be wired.

Make sure your photo id (drivers license or passport) is valid and not expired.

Make sure you know the last five (5) digits of your social security number.

Plan to be at the title office about 15 minutes prior to our scheduled closing time.


Remember, the final walk-thru will be scheduled separately at a time prior to the closing and we will verify the Seller has met his obligations for repair and property condition.




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