Become a Realtor!


If you have ever thought about becoming a Realtor, now is your chance! The McCoy Moves You Team is growing and we are looking for outgoing individuals who want to pursue their dream of becoming a licensed Realtor.


What’s it take to be a good Realtor? Here are six qualities that are essential.

1- The individual must be outgoing and willing to engage with strangers. In this business you are always in business development mode. You have to let people know you are a Realtor. The secret real estate agent will not be successful.

2- You have to be self-motivated. You are an independent contractor, and while you may have a team leader or a broker manager, you have to want to be successful and be willing to go for it.

3- A good Realtor must be a good listener, assessing and understanding the clients needs. Whether you are preparing a house for sale or helping a client secure a new home, you have to be in-tune with your clients goals and needs. This is not to say that you can’t help them open their minds to what they really should do or what they really need, but you have to hear them out, before you counsel them.

4-Time Management is essential! Real estate is a fast-paced business and you have to manage your time really well. It is very common that you plan your day and then, bam, you have to pivot to accommodate your clients. Schedule flexibility is key, but you have to be able to manage all the tasks you already laid out. And a real estate transaction is full of deadlines. It’s imperative that you don’t miss any of them.

5-Most successful business people are good communicators and highly organized. The same is true in real estate. If you want to be successful, you have to a good communicator and well-organized.

6- Individuals have to be quick learners. Besides learning the proprietary software and systems required to do our jobs, the market and the way we market ourselves is always changing. A good Realtor is also a good student!


A career as a licensed Realtor can provide individuals with a flexible schedule and unlimited income potential. Be your own boss. Improve your work life balance. Achieve your financial goals.

Get started today by enrolling in the 90-hour pre-licensing course, as required by the state of Indiana. Below are links to several local organizations that provide the 90-hour pre-licensing course. You can choose to take the pre-licensing course online or in-person. After you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement and then be eligible to take the state and federal exams at a local testing center.


Real Estate CP offers online and in-person classes


The CE Shop offers online-only classes


Indiana Real Estate School offers in-person classes


Tucker School of Real Estate offers online and in-person classes


Let’s do this! If you have read this far, YOU have what it takes to be a good Realtor. Let’s grab a cup of joe and talk about it! Schedule a meeting with Lisa here.