Careful Consideration of Neighborhood Market Value

Serving as the Executor of an Estate, I was in a relatively unusual position by having to choose between "do
we do no work on the house and sell as-is" or "do we put money into the house and make it more
marketable." Lisa guided me through the decision, and was accessible, honest, and resourceful every step of
the way - from rehabilitation to closing, she was there for me. I have an immense amount of gratitude for her
patience, hard work, and thoroughness as we, together, completed this project. Jennifer R., Carmel

Prioritizing Clients Needs and Wants

Lisa worked tirelessly to help me buy my new home, from the time we first started looking at houses until my
purchase was complete. I had not purchased a house in almost 20 years, and I was moving to a different
suburb; I needed a lot of help. Lisa is easy to work with. She stayed focused on my needs while providing me
with market information that I needed to make a decision. The bottom line: I found a house that is ideal as to
its location, features and price. Lisa is a complete professional, and I highly recommend her. Tom M., Fishers

Critical Market Awareness

Lisa worked extremely hard to prepare my house for sale and market it to potential buyers. When she saw an
important time window for putting the house on the market, based on competitive listings in the area, she
accelerated the listing schedule. The end result: The house sold for a good price in nine days. Then, I was
able to use the proceeds, as intended, to buy my next house. I could never have made the good decisions
leading up to this sale without Lisa's professional help. Tom M., Indianapolis

Relentless Defined

Lisa went well beyond any normal expectation and helped me with a complicated transaction. This was not
your normal sale and her diligence, grace and persistence shined bright. She was fantastic! Jeff C., Indianapolis

Lisa Listens

Lisa went out of her way to understand our family’s needs and only recommend properties that fit our criteria.
She spent a great deal of time going the extra mile and researching specific neighborhoods. Once we found
a house, she was able to put us in touch with excellent contractors and even helped us plan out our new kitchen! Traci A., Carmel

Easy & Fun Process!

Lisa was patient, professional and very enthusiastic to get us our house! She is a pro with strong interpersonal skills. Her friendly demeanor and professionalism made the process easy and fun! Kristin W., Carmel