June 4, 2018

The M-word…What you need to know.

Stop Mold in its Tracks

If you want to see people scram from a house, just say mold.  The M-word. Mold has really gotten a bad rap over recent years.  It can be dangerous, but not always.  It’s a natural living organism and we are surrounded by it at work, at home and at school.  I recently had an inspection report come back for a client that indicated there was a mold-like substance in the attic.  After further review, it was just muddy footprints on the rafters!  The work site for this particular home must have been muddy and someone stepped on the boards before they were installed. From the inspectors point of view it looked like mold and was worth further investigation.  Thankfully, it was not mold, but even it had been mold, we could have easily determined the cause of it and fixed it.  Mold can be remediated and should not necessarily be a deal breaker when you are house shopping.  Take a look at this article from the Spruce on how to clean mold from many surfaces.  If you are considering selling your home, I’d be happy to give you a free home valuation.