December 19, 2018

Are you even listening…

Two Ears for a Reason

This is a story about a family who was working with a realtor that didn’t seem to understand what kind of house they were looking to buy.  They were lamenting about their frustrating house hunting experience to a friend of mine who referred them to me. I met them on a Tuesday and by Friday we had written and got accepted an offer on a new house! Bam!

This couple has two small boys and were looking for a house that was close to parks, trails, schools and had a wooded backyard. They also needed a house that had room for guests, as most of their family lives out of state. Apparently the realtor they were originally working with didn’t get it. She was young and had them going on wild goose chases to homes that didn’t fit their criteria.

Pick a Relentless Realtor

I made this video below about this family, because I know they are not alone.  Realtors are a dime a dozen and some are better than others. It’s maddening that anyone would have to work with a realtor who doesn’t listen to what your house priorities are. If you’re working with someone who isn’t getting it, who is taking you to houses that don’t fit your criteria, who ultimately doesn’t understand what you desire in your next home, find another realtor.

So in only four days we found the perfect house for this young family, because I listened to them and really researched the houses that I presented to them. Look how beautiful this house is and that yard! It’s a corner lot and has a substantial amount of wooded area right around the back patio and a huge side yard for the boys to play. It’s also a great neighborhood in Carmel with it’s own trail system that connects to the elementary school and a nearby park.

After a quick kitchen island renovation and a whole lot of paint, this family is thrilled with their new home. Yea!!

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